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Wheel Straightening

The most common cause of damage to wheels is pot holes and speed bumps. Common symptoms to look out for are tyres going soft and/or a shudder through the steering wheel.

The two images below show a wheel that has been damaged.

The first thing we need to do in this situation is remove the tyre, then fit the wheel on to the jig. Once set up we use the pointer to locate the extent of damaged area. You can see the jig in action in this video clip – Wheel before straightening

Wheel straightening

Once the extent of the damage has been established we then heat the wheel to create a reaction in the alloy metal that allows us to use a press to manipulate the wheel back into the right circumference again.

You can see in this video clip that the pointer stays in position the whole time meaning that the circumference is even once again – Wheel after straightening

Wheel straightening
This type of work starts at £50 per wheel, a fraction of the price it would cost to replace some wheels. The time it takes varies depending on the extent of the damage, most wheels can be done within 90 minutes. This allows time for heating and cooling. All wheels are also rebalanced before being fitted back on the vehicle.