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Interview with Cameron, Workshop Supervisor

Cameron TRTI left school and went to college to do an SVQ motor mechanic course. After serving my apprenticeship, I joined Tyres, Rims & Trims and I’ve worked here for two years as a workshop supervisor.

I enjoy doing engine rebuilds because it’s quite technical. I like taking a car that doesn’t run at all and getting it running again. I also enjoy passing on my experience to junior members of staff.

I would like to advance to management level now and perhaps own my own garage one day.

I’ve just become a Dad for the first time, my son Lewis takes up a lot of my spare time. I also like modifying my own car and attending race days and cruises. I hope Lewis will share my passion and come on race days with me one day.

Interview with Chris Madden, Supervisor

TRT-ChrisI started in the industry 18 years ago with an apprenticeship with Kwik Fit. I stayed at Kwik Fit for seven years before doing mobile Kwik Fit. I’ve been at Tyres Rims & Trims for two years as a supervisor.

I enjoy the variety of work and the challenge, I also enjoy mentoring junior staff.

My favourite part of the job is problem solving and diagnostics – the more challenging, the better for me.

My goal for the coming year is to develop the alloy refurbishment side of business.

Recently I’ve been busy training for Ben Nevis hike for charity and I also enjoy doing voluntary work like football coaching.

In my spare time I like keeping fit by running and playing football.

Interview with Brian, Owner of Tyres Rims & Trims

Tyres Rims & TrimsI got interested in cars when I was a kid, my Dad used to let me help him with repairs and it just grew from there. When I left school I got an apprenticeship and went to college and achieved my City and Guilds in motor vehicles service and repair. I’ve worked in the automotive industry my entire life and started Tyres Rims & Trims in 2006.

I’ve enjoyed it immensely, I particularly enjoy giving clients a valuable service and building relationships. It means a lot to me that we have a good reputation locally. I think clients should be treated with respect and I enjoy providing a quality service.

I want to maintain the standards at TRT, but we also want to develop our business and introduced Alloy Refurbishment in May last year, we have recently taken on an apprentice and we will be launching our new Hydro Dipping service this summer.

I enjoy being an employer and feel like I’m contributing to the town of Whitburn.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my grandchildren and playing golf, I’ve got a handicap of 24 which I’m always trying to get down!

How To Prolong Battery Life

TRT-ChrisCar repairs and replacement parts can be expensive, you can keep costs down by ensuring you maintain your car with regular servicing and general maintenance.

Here are Chris’ tips on how to prolong the life of your battery.

1. Drive your car regularly

Leaving your car parked up for periods of time can affect the battery’s charge, make sure you drive it at least every other day.

2. Have your car serviced regularly

Poor engine condition can overload the battery and reduce its lifespan, ensure you get your car serviced regularly so that your engine can be checked over.

3. Check the battery charging rate

Have the charging system voltage checked at every service. Both undercharging and overcharging will reduce the battery life.

4. Avoid draining the battery

Avoid using electronic accessories when the engine is switched off, this will drain the battery.

How To Look After Your Exhaust

Exhausts are a hard thing to prolong the life of, however the best things to do are avoid deep puddles and employ steady acceleration and braking which help reduce the vibration in the exhaust. Stop start journeys are the worst type for an exhaust as the gasses cool and condense into liquid acid that corrodes the exhaust from the inside out. The things to look for with your exhaust are a rumbling noise, sometimes a knocking or banging noise can also be heard if the hangers have corroded and they are no longer fully supporting the exhaust.

These images show a corroded exhaust where the black box had actually fallen off.

After the exhaust had been replaced by one of our trained mechanics.

Brakes Before And After

It’s difficult to know when parts of your car are wearing, especially if you aren’t mechanically minded and go looking. One of the best ways to tell if something is wrong is through listening to your vehicle. If you hear a grinding or scraping noise, get your brakes checked out. Leaving it could end up costing you more if damage is done to the discs as a result of worn pads.

Here are some images of brakes before new parts fitted.

Brakes after new parts fitted.


Two Tone Alloy Refurb

The alloy refurbishment centre has had a busy month as everyone prepares their vehicles for summer.

One of our most recent projects was a two tone wheel effect.

Two Tone Alloy Refurb

As you can see the wheel arrived with a silver effect.

Two tone alloy refurb

Here it is after the alloy refurb.

Before long the wheels were fitted back on to the car. The whole team and the owner were pleased with the finished effect.

Two Tone Alloy Refurb

Two tone alloy wheel refurbishments start from £70 per wheel.

Wheel Straightening

The most common cause of damage to wheels is pot holes and speed bumps. Common symptoms to look out for are tyres going soft and/or a shudder through the steering wheel.

The two images below show a wheel that has been damaged.

The first thing we need to do in this situation is remove the tyre, then fit the wheel on to the jig. Once set up we use the pointer to locate the extent of damaged area. You can see the jig in action in this video clip – Wheel before straightening

Wheel straightening

Once the extent of the damage has been established we then heat the wheel to create a reaction in the alloy metal that allows us to use a press to manipulate the wheel back into the right circumference again.

You can see in this video clip that the pointer stays in position the whole time meaning that the circumference is even once again – Wheel after straightening

Wheel straightening
This type of work starts at £50 per wheel, a fraction of the price it would cost to replace some wheels. The time it takes varies depending on the extent of the damage, most wheels can be done within 90 minutes. This allows time for heating and cooling. All wheels are also rebalanced before being fitted back on the vehicle.

How To Check Your Tyre Tread

Tyres are susceptible to wear and tear, not only can it be dangerous to drive with tyres below the legal tread limit, if stopped by the police you can also be fined (up to £5000 and 3pts per tyre).

Checking your tread is fairly simple and should become part of your usual maintenance routine.

The first step is to gain safe access to your tyres. Ensure your vehicle is parked safely on an even surface. A good light source will help you to assess your tyres properly.

Tread Depth Guidelines
Tread Depth Guidelines

The most accurate way to inspect your tyres accurately is with a tread depth guage, these can be purchased in most automotive care shops.

Example of new tyre tread
Example of new tyre tread

The legal minimum tread depth in Europe is 1.6mm, this applies to the central three quarters of the tyre. Check your tyre around its entire circumference, the tyre should be evenly worn regardless of the severity of the wear. The causes of uneven wear can be incorrect or uneven air pressure across the four tyres, improper balance, misalignment or bent wheels. Take your car to a garage if you think you may have one of these issues.

Example of worn tyre tread
Example of worn tyre tread

If you think your tyres may be reaching the legal minimum limit or you need assistance checking your tyres, get in touch, we’re happy to take a look for free.

Need new tyres? Purchase yours easily online here.

Alloy Refurbishment at Tyres Rims & Trims

Firstly, welcome to our brand new blog.  This is our place to share photos, car care information and news about what’s happening at Tyres, Rims & Trims.

As well as all the usual garage services, did you know we now also offer alloy wheel refurbishment?

Refurbishing after damage or wear and tear is the most cost effective way of maintaining your alloy wheels because as you probably know, purchasing a brand new set can run into hundreds of pounds.

Badly damaged BMW alloy
Badly damaged BMW alloy

Our alloy refurb engineer takes your alloys and sands back and smooths out the damage.  The alloy is then re-dipped in any single colour of your choice.  The customer in this case simply wanted to restore his BMW alloys to their former glory. You may choose to select a different colour.

BMW Alloy after refurbishment
BMW Alloy after refurbishment

The finished alloy is as good as new with no evidence of the previous damage.

Of course alloy refurbishment isn’t just for damaged wheels, we’ve had some car enthusiasts in that have created an entirely new look by giving their alloys a new look.

Fancy an alloy makeover? Our offer in March is a set of 4 alloy refurbs, up to 18 inch, in any single colour for £160.